Welcome to Love Designed Imaging. Images preserve a moment in time that can never be duplicated. It is our mission to provide every client with professionally taken photographs and creative designed publications that allows for all emotions to be relived, by just a glance. It is our goal not only to serve the needs of our clients today, but to also research and use up to date products and services that will further enhance our ability to meet the needs of our clients in the future. We go to our clients to capture that moment that they most desire in a setting that is most comfortable for them and consult with those who need quality publications. Every client is to know that they have been provided the best quality and affordable services available for any occasion.  "Love Binds Us Together" and Love Designed Imaging wants everything we do to reflect that love.  Feel free to contact us by email at or call (301) 830-1750 if you have a moment that you would like to have captured with love.  Love Binds Us Together.  

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